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Logos and business cards and web graphics. Oh my!

Graphic Design for Your Business

Vulpine can help your business in a variety of design capacities. We've been involved in the development, creation and execution of several brand and identity design projects. We help business nail their design assets.

How We Do It

Market Research

Understanding what you are hoping to accomplish and communicate helps shape our design process. Understanding what others have done in your industry helps us understand what to avoid doing! ; )

Creative Development

Great design requires strong creative process. In this phase, we compile Pinterest boards to draw inspiration, sketch, test and experiment. More time, effort and energy invested here leads to better, more clever designs.

Targeted Design

Great design stems from great strategy. We do our best to understand who your ideal client is. Understanding your audience helps us understand what motivates them and what they want. All of this influences our end design products

Technical Execution

Research, strategy and brainstorming are great if and only if the concepts are well-executed. Our creative process is strong and our ability to execute is as well.

Our Graphic Design Advantages

Why choose Vulpine for your graphic design needs

Multiple Perspectives

We partner with multiple design teams. When we work on projects we send out the creative brief to these teams and they submit their solutions and perspectives.


Really cool designs are awesome unless they don't communicate what you want. Our designs are created for a very specific purpose, to help your business succeed!

Designed Differently

We don't design anything to blend in with all of the others in your market. We want you to stand out and be selected by your potential patrons. Our approach is to break out of whatever industry mold is out there.

Graphic Design FAQS

Common design questions

Is Vulpine the best graphic design company in Idaho Falls?

No. There are more technically trained graphic designers in the area. The number of art courses some designers in have taken above us is considerable. However, the advantage that Vulpine can give you over other graphic design or branding companies is our unique perspective into a myriad of business facets. We have worked in a variety of different industries and that experience and exposure gives us valuable insights. This  helps us in every part of our digital marketing strategies including how we approach graphic design.

What makes your approach to design different than others?

We take the time to try and understand who your business is. We want to truly understand your company’s identity and do our best to create logos or other branding material that reflects your character. Vulpine doesn’t design logos just for the sake of creating logos. Our end goal is so much more than just creating something that looks cool. Our goal is to visually represent you. After create an in-depth creative brief, we send this off to multiple design teams we partner with. These multiple parties submit their best attempt based on the information we sent to them. This approach provides our clients with multiple solutions and then allows them to select what they feel is the strongest. Who doesn’t love having multiple fantastic choices to select from?

Do you design logos?

Yes we do. And we do it quite well, if we do say so ourselves.

Do you do a lot of print design work?

We do. Our focus is heavily digital design but if you have something you need done, let’s chat. We can either make it happen or help you find a design partner that can.

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