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What is SEO?

When today's typical users have a question about anything Google is generally the first place they go. So unsurprisingly, when these users need a plumber, a pest control company, a doctor and pretty much anything else, they go to Google. SEO stands for search engine optimization or the art of getting your site to rank in Google searches for a particular search phrase. Vulpine specializes in developing and executing world-class SEO strategies to help your website be found in the right Google searches. We have helped business literally generate millions of dollars by being in the right places at the right times.

How We Do It

Keyword Research

Great results are often achieved as a result of great strategy. The foundation of successful SEO campaigns is keyword research. We get into the mind of your ideal clients and try to understand how they would search in Google.

Link Building

In certain markets for certain keywords the only thing you will need is great content. However, in competitive markets and industries you will need more firepower! Link building is basically receiving endorsements from other websites. Having these endorsements helps your site's credibility in Google's eyes.

Content Creation

Once we have identified and lined out our SEO game plan, we write content and develop custom landing pages to target those objectives. Creating great content is the first and essential step of effective SEO execution.

Revise & Repeat

SEO is truly an endless process. Creating great content for your audience and then building that content's authority up by building links is important. Above and beyond that there can always be improvements, refinements, adjustments and additions.

Our SEO Tactics

We believe we're one of the best Idaho Falls SEO companies because of the strength of our tactics.

SEO Content Strategies

Great website content is an important part of successful SEO strategies. Knowing the foundational role that actually valuable content plays in search engine rankings we have years of taking underperforming pieces of content and turning them into valuable assets. Here are some examples of great content marketing strategies:

  • Head term keyword content
  • Long tail keyword content
  • Top of funnel / awareness content
  • Supplemental / supportive content
  • Frequently asked question content
  • Image content
  • Video content

Head Term Keyword Strategies

Head terms are often highly-coveted phrases in Google. There's often a healthy amount of traffic and therefore often a lot of competition. Examples of head terms could be single or few word queries like "shoes", "software", "doctor" or something like that. Depending on the keyword and the relevance of that keyword to your industry, being competitively positioned for these keywords can be a game changer. However, the issue with many of these keywords is that it is often extremely broad. If you are a shoe company that specialized in leather sandals for women, being ranked #1 in Google search results for "shoes" could be great but you'd also get thousands of visitors from users who aren't going to be interested in what you offer. For example, you could get visits from men, women you are looking for athletic shoes, or other fairly irrelevant visitors. The other issue with this type of strategy is that it is often extremely difficult to perform for keywords of that nature. Generally, doing so would require a significant investment. It is certainly doable but very difficult to achieve and difficult to maintain. SEO strategies that are more likely to be successful often focus more heavily on what's called "long tail" opportunities.

Long Tail Keyword Content Strategies

Long tail keywords are searches that are done in Google or other search engines that generally consist of multiple words. These search phrases are often very specific into what the searcher is looking for. Once again using an online shoe store as an example, if you happen to sell leather sandals for women with velcro straps, you can create a page specifically designed to target that particular Google search. The advantage is that "women's leather sandals with velcro straps" will be significantly easier to perform for in Google searches than just "shoes" or other fairly broad queries. Another huge advantage with long tail strategies is that a user who is searching more specifically is often times more likely to convert or make a purchase.

Examples of Long Tail Keyword Strategies
  • A company that sells customizable photo books creates a page to target photo books specifically for wedding pictures. "wedding photo books" is a more specific search phrase than just straight up "photo books." Naturally, there are less monthly searches for the latter, but your ability to create a landing page that caters more carefully to that user is so much greater. Both Google and the end user appreciate content that creates better user experiences.
  • A speaker manufacturer has developed a specific type of flexible speaker that can fit inside a dirt bike helmet. They create a page on their website to target helmet speakers and then educate about their unique, in-helmet design.
  • A company that specializes in trade show booth manufacturing creates a page of content to target searches related to a very specific trade show. For example, "CES trade show booth displays" as opposed to more broad terms.

Service/Practice Area Content Strategies

This tactic can easily be placed underneath the long tail keyword umbrella but it definitely deserves its own section. Basically, the premise of the strategy is to simply have a dedicated landing page or at least a healthy section of content on your website for every type of service that you offer. This strategy might seem obvious but you just never know how an average consumer is going to search. Creating dedicated pages to the service is a great way to increase the chances that you can be found by potential clients.

Examples of Specific Service or Practice Area Content Strategies
  • A criminal defense attorney creates a landing page on his or her website to target "record expungement in Idaho Falls" because no one else in the local market had created content to target that term. Almost every other law firm in the area likely is more than capable of practicing record cleaning, they just hadn't created content to explicitly target it. This makes it a super easy opportunity.
  • A dentist creates a page to target specifically teeth-whitening services they offer.

Geographically-targeted Content Strategies

This tactic focuses on searches people perform when they add a geo-modifier or where they say where they are looking to see more locally-relevant results. This strategy works in a variety of settings but is often most successful for local service provider type businesses.

Geographically-targeted Content Strategies
  • Pest control company that serves all of southeastern Idaho creates a page designed to target search queries like "pest control company in Blackfoot, Idaho."
  • An IT company looking to expand their mobile services into a neighboring city adds a page to target that city. ex: Pocatello IT Company.
  • A bank with multiple branches all across the state of Idaho creates pages for the specific types of loans they offer for every location. For example, "Rigby, Idaho Agricultural Loans" or "Idaho Falls Business Line of Credit", etc. This strategy is a long tail strategy but also part of local SEO as well.

Top of Funnel Content Strategies (Awareness Stage Content)

Creating content for consumers at the top of the consumer funnel or just entering your typical consumer flow can be extremely effective. The main of this type of content is often to educate potential consumers, build your brand awareness and position yourself as an expert on whatever topic you are creating content around. An example of this would be creating content that targets search queries with the word "idea(s)" in it. The strategy behind this type of content creation would be to get in front of users who have problems that your company or your products solve. The user at this phase of the process may be looking for some DIY solutions to their problems or they are just very early in their process and aren't sure what is even available.

Top of Funnel Content Strategy Examples

Some examples of a top of funnel content strategy could be something like the following:

  • A company that creates garage storage systems or products could create a piece of content targeting "small garage storage ideas" and show a variety of different storage concepts for garages with limited room for storage.
  • A company that creates custom built exhibits for trade shows creates a page to target "trade show booth designs" and showcases their impressive portfolio of previously created projects. This page obviously provides these users potential inspiration for their project but also shows their company is a great solution to their problem.
  • A company that sells high end, designer swimsuits for women creates a comprehensive packing list for a tropical cruise or other vacation. Naturally, this list will include images of their own product and give the viewer a chance to purchase their product.

Supplemental Siloed Content

Content silos are created by keeping content on a fairly narrow scope of topic compiled in the same area of a website. This is often a created by having a large quantity of pages interlinking one with another. The website structure will often have main page designed to target competitive terms and then supplmental content nested underneath that page. The support of the content that is so strongly contextually-related often builds a network of authority on the topic the main page targets. Because of the sheer quantity of content on the topic, Google and other search engines identify your website as a credible source.

Often times content silos are built using website hierarchy. For example, the website will be and the supporting content will be nested underneath that content like There have been several occasions where pages being supported by authoritative pages or underneath authoritative pages have performed extremely well in Google searches. The success can be attributed to the content itself in combination with the site structure.

Frequently Asked Question Content

When people are searching in Google they are asking questions. Google's goal is to help people find answers to their questions. This strategy can operate in a similar capacity as the top of funnel strategy. People have questions or problems and your business can offer solutions to those problems. It can also serve a similar purpose to the content silos in that you are creating a network of context to boost up the more competitive terms.

Examples of Frequently Asked Question Content
  • A dentist can write a page about what might be happening if people are experiencing sensitivity to cold foods.
  • A family lawyer can write about the legal marrying age in the state they reside.
  • A pest control company can write about how long mice can survive without food.

Image Content

In some situations, users are more likely to search through images than normal Google search results. This can provide you a unique opportunity to get in front of potential consumers especially when they are searching for something visual. Having good, unique imagery on your website with appropriate alt tags and descriptions can be an effective strategy.

Link Building Strategies

Links are an important part of performing in Google searches. Every worthwhile SEO study has identified links from other websites as being an important Google and other search engine rankings.

Top 50 Local Organic Factors

  • #1: Quality/Authority of Inbound Links to Domain
  • #3: Diversity of Inbound Links to Domain
  • #7: Product/Service Keywords in Anchor Text of Inbound Links to Domain
  • #9: Quantity of Inbound Links to Domain
  • #10: Quantity of Inbound Links to Domain from Industry-Relevant Domains
  • #12: Location Keywords in Anchor Text of Inbound Links to Domain
  • #14: Quantity of Inbound Links to Domain from Locally Relevant Domains
  • #16: Quality/Authority of Inbound Links to GMB Landing Page URL
  • #17: Quantity of Inbound Links to Landing Page URL from Industry-Relevant Domains
  • There are more link-related ranking factors in this study but felt like this painted the picture well enough!

Moz Local Ranking Factors

10 Google Ranking Factors You Shouldn’t Ignore "Backlinks are arguably the most important ranking factor."

Ahrefs 10 Google Ranking Factors You Shouldn’t Ignore

The Ultimate Guide to Google Ranking Factors in 2019 "Importance: Crucial... They can make a major difference in where you rank -- even which number page you rank on. Inbound links from other websites tell Google that people trust what you have to say -- enough to link to it from their own websites. Trust is huge in the eyes of Google, and the more trustworthy the source linking to you is, the greater the impact their inbound link has on your ranking."

Hubspot The Ultimate Guide to Google Ranking Factors in 2019

We Analyzed 1 Million Google Search Results. Here’s What We Learned About SEO "Backlinks remain an extremely important Google ranking factor. We found the number of domains linking to a page correlated with rankings more than any other factor."

Backlinko's Search Ranking Factors

Influential member of Google's leadership have also confirmed the value links provide:

"Ranking without links is really, really hard"
-Gary Illyes - Chief of Sunshine and Happiness at Google (literally his title)
October 13, 2016

Vulpine Advantages

Why choose Vulpine for your SEO over any other agency


We don't do anything on your account unless we feel confident it will bring us closer to our goals.

Effective Auditing

Over the course of our careers, we have audited hundreds of websites. We can generally find what's working and what's not pretty quickly.

Proven Processes

We've seen great results for so many businesses in so many different industries. We know what it takes to help your business grow.

Clever Strategies

We pride ourselves in being a group of clever people. The game plans we put together are often centered around unique opportunities everyone else may have overlooked.

Transparent Tactics

You'll know what we're doing and why we're doing it. So there's never any super top secret SEO mystery fees. You have the right to know how your investment is being used.

Incredible Results

At the end of the day, the most important thing is that your company is growing. Our #1 priority is help you gain more revenue. We don't spend our time dwelling on vanity metrics.


Common SEO questions

Is SEO the best strategy for me?

Good question, let’s have a conversation around what you’re hoping to accomplish. We’re great at assessing marketing needs and opportunities. We will take the time to lay out a game plan that fits your market, industry and objectives. There are certainly several markets that Social Media Marketing or Paid Advertising in Google may be a more effective strategy. 

Is SEO expensive?

SEO can be amazing because the return on investment can continue to come and come. Other strategies like paid advertising like Google Ads can be effective but the benefit of the strategy will likely end the minute you stop investing there. 

How do you do SEO?

SEO consists of a few basic components. They are:

  • Content marketing or content creation
  • Onsite technical implementation of that content
  • Link building and promotion

This is a bit of an oversimplification but the majority of the work that we do fall under one of these categories.

How long does it generally take to see results from SEO?

It really varies depending on your industry and local market. There have been a number of times our clients have felt a noticeable increase in customer inquiries within a few months. However, if you are in a more competitive industry or local market, it may take longer to close the gap between your web presence and that of your competition’s.

Generally, our clients start seeing results after about 6 months of becoming a Vulpine partner. Luckily, we do offer extremely transparent reporting and frequent communication. You’ll be in the loop the entire time as we return and report wins, losses and everything in between.

What makes Vulpine's strategies different than other agencies SEO offering?

Our strategies are more effective because they are all custom-tailored to your needs and level of competition. We’ve worked with client spending over $15,000 a month. Not every market and industry will require that kind of an investment. We wouldn’t even recommend a budget like that unless your objectives absolutely justified it. We really do our research and don’t just offer arbitrary SEO packages that may or may not actually help you. 

Are you the cheapest SEO agency in Idaho Falls?

Absolutely and unapologetically not. Actually effective and thoughtfully created SEO strategies are rare. Not many other agencies are equipped or experienced enough to deliver the level of results that we do. Access to our expertise is an investment but one well worth making. 

I know my competition is outspending me by far, is it still worth investing in SEO?

It can be. If we can’t outspend the competition that does naturally provide some unique challenges for your campaign. But that doesn’t mean it’s not possible. We truly feel the tactics we utilize for our clients can be more effective than other digital marketing agencies out there. We have seen on a number of occasions being able to edge out local market Goliaths by simply using better methods. In other instances, we have been able to find less competitive but still lucrative opportunities to be positioned where your competition isn’t. Success can be found simply by outfoxing everyone else.

Will I know what you are doing for me?

Yes. We pride ourselves in providing incredibly transparent service. We believe in being partners and so being actively involved and openly communicative is an important part of a partnership. Every month we report on our efforts and make a full accounting of your investment. We will also present our plan for the next month and give you a chance to give us feedback.

How involved will I be in the setting goals and objectives for the SEO campaigns?

As involved as you’d like to be. Our partners are involved in a variety of different levels. Some want to be extremely high-level and hands off while others want to be highly-involved in the finite details. We’re happy to work with you in a way that makes you feel confident in the process. As a partner, we want to set campaign goals and objectives with you. We thrive on meaningful feedback and collaboration. We also know that often times you will understand your audience and industry better than we may so your thoughts and perspectives can be crucial for success.

Have you always seen success for your SEO clients?

If our partners are investing as much in their SEO campaigns as we recommend, they have always seen positive results. There have been times where our clients simply weren’t willing or able to invest as much time and resources into their search engine marketing as they really needed to. As a result, they really struggled to be able to close the gap behind their competition. We do our best to find clever, unique opportunities to help you position yourselves where your competitors aren’t but we will never know if it works until we try it and find out.

We are committed to being an open and honest partner. As a result, if we truly feel our current strategy isn’t working, we will either work with you to pivot your SEO strategy or find another digital marketing strategy that may be more successful.

Do you work with clients outside of Idaho?

Absolutely. We’ve worked and will continue to work with companies all across the United States.

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