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What is Local SEO?

Vulpine Marketing is the Idaho Falls SEO company. We've helped businesses across the nation get to the top of Google searches as part of nation-wide campaigns. Our work has helped these businesses make literally millions of dollars. We also focus heavily on doing what's called Local SEO. Local SEO is a nuanced type of SEO that focuses on getting clients in front of local audiences near their business location.

How We Do It

Google My Business

Google My Business is Google's business listing platform. This is where you can manage your listing showcasing client reviews, business images and display your business info.

Local Optimization

Optimizing a web page for a particular search query is an art form in and of itself. Optimizing the page to target certain geographical areas is a Vulpine Marketing specialty.

Local Citations

There are hundreds to thousands of business directory websites across the internet. Google does take the quantity and quality of these listings into account when they decide where to rank your business.


The reviews on your Google and other business listings can make or break your business. Vulpine has years of experience helping businesses like yours become the obvious choice in their markets.

Vulpine Advantages

Why choose Vulpine for your Local SEO campaign.

Tried & Tested Tactics

This isn't our first rodeo. We know what it takes to move the needle even for companies in ridiculously competitive markets. We know what works and we also know what doesn't.


All of the decisions we make are based off of data. We listen and watch your analytical data closely to help guide all of our decision making processes.

End-result Focused

Great SEO leads to great financial return. If it doesn't do that, it's not great SEO. Our goal is to help you get in front of local clients and get chosen so you can earn their business!

Local SEO FAQs

Local SEO questions

Is a local SEO less cost less than a national SEO campaign?

Possibly, but it really depends on the market and industry for the campaigns. Law for example, has notoriously competitive markets and even in smaller suburb areas could take thousands of dollars a month in SEO investment to take a market. Whereas very certain keywords could be relatively easy to rank even nationally. It’s all fairly relative but if you are wanting to know what it might take to bite off a piece of your market, let’s have a conversation. 

Why choose Vulpine for my SEO?

Experience in some of the absolute most competitive markets in the nation. We have worked with companies investing over $15,000/month in their local SEO campaigns because that’s what it would take to get ahead. Not every industry or market will justify such a robust investment. But if we can do great things in markets like those, we can definitely do great things in yours.

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