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Social Media Marketing

Social media has become thoroughly integrated into so many people's lives. Many people spend multiple hours a day engaged in their social feeds. This presents a powerful opportunity for businesses.

How We Do It

Platform Selection

There are so many social media platforms available. Each have their unique set of strengths. They are used by different users for very different purposes. We can help you select the best platform for your audience.

Visual Development

Nailing your ad messaging is important but having great imagery, video or other content can make or break a social media campaign. We create eye-catching visual aesthetics to accompany and draw attention to your compelling offers.

Audience Creation

Every social platform has their own targeting capabilities. We target people by where their age, gender, location, job title, occupation, active interests and so many other criteria. We can help you dial in your ideal target market.

Ad Development

After getting a viewer's attention, we need to help them act in some way, shape or form. We create ads that invite potential consumers to act. After creating great ads, we always test, compare and find ways to improve social campaigns.

Vulpine Advantages

Why choose Vulpine as your social media marketing agency

We Know how to Sell

We've done sales for years and we've done it well. This experience translates into more successful marketing campaigns for you!

Creative Tactics

Social media offers you such unique opportunities that haven't been available to yesteryear's businesses. Those opportunities in combination with our creative approach create some incredible results for our clients.

Proven Processes

We've helped businesses in multiple industries build their brands through social media marketing campaigns. We can certainly do the same for you.

Impressive Reach

Social media's incredible targeting abilities provide us powerful ways to get in front of the exact type of person we want again and again.

Careful Monitoring

Once we create your campaigns, we keep a close eye and make sure everything is working the way it's supposed to. Your money and our time are both precious commodities and we make sure both are used wisely.

Perpetual Testing

There is opportunity for improvement and refinement for every campaign. We a/b test our ads to find what works best. Then we continue to test, tweak and try to get the best results for our clients.

Social Media Marketing FAQS

Common SMM questions

Which is the best social media platform for my business?

The platform that is going to work best for your business often depends on who your audience is. If your main consumer is a business owner or executive, LinkedIn could provide a great opportunity for you. If your ideal client is women ages 30-65, who enjoy DIY crafts and home improvement shows then Facebook or YouTube might be stronger options. Let’s chat about who you want to get in front of and that may help us make a decision on the best platform to use.

Is social media marketing expensive?

One of the incredible strengths of social media marketing options is the fact that it can be fairly inexpensive when compared to other marketing avenues. Where the cost often exists in SMM is in the creative strategy development, copy writing, visual asset creation and campaign monitoring. 

What kind of results to people see from your social media marketing campaigns?

We are motivated to get you the best results possible. Social media marketing is a great way to help businesses build their brand in the digital space. These strategies do often operate in similar fashion to billboards in traditional marketing realm. The idea is to get your brand in front of consumers in an attempt to build brand recognition and awareness. These consumers are seldom ready to reach out and become clients the minute they see your ads. The power of social ads if often shown in an increase in branded searches that come to your website some time after consumers see your ads.

Why would you recommend SMM opposed to more traditional advertising methods like billboards?

We recommend social media marketing over billboard advertising for the following reasons:

  • Targeting – with billboards, you put something out there and hope the people you want see it and do something as a result. It’s very much a spray and pray approach. There’s really not much targeting ability. You are just advertising to everyone who may drive by that particular area. With Facebook ads you can target by so many different demographics like age, homeownership status, relationship status, gender, active interests and so many other options.
  • Cost Effective – billboards can often be expensive. That same investment could likely get you in front of way more meaningful audiences through social media avenues.
  • Regular Testing – with social ads you can make adjustments to your campaigns and test new ideas out on a daily basis if you really wanted to. You can easily run simultaneous visuals and see which performs the best.

Do you do Facebook and Instagram ads?

Yes, we do! We can make beautiful graphics or video content for your social accounts. Then best of all, we can create highly-targeted custom audiences to deliver this incredible content to a better, more qualified segment of your market. It’s truly a thing of beauty!

Do you do LinkedIn ads?

That targeting abilities across many of the platforms are pretty similar and it all translates over pretty well. If your ideal client is a business or a business owner, LinkedIn could be a great way to get in front of them.

Do you do SnapChat ads?

We have never but we can try. Many of the platforms are fairly similar. Unless your audience is really quite young though, I’m not sure that I’d recommend SnapChat. Let’s chat about what you want to do and who you are trying to target and that might answer the questions for us!

Can you manage the content on our FB page and just post to it regularly?

Yes, we can do that. However, organic social or social media posting that is not promoted or not pushed via ads is next to worthless on platforms like Facebook. We can certainly post good content but we aren’t fans of having active social profiles unless they are actually getting in front of the people they were meant to.

Facebook changed their algorithms to give preferential treatment to normal user profiles and downplay pretty heavily business profiles. Facebook claims this is because their users want to see more of their friends and family member’s content. While this may be true, all Facebook is really trying to do is make it so businesses have to play to effectively use their platform. It was a nice try, FB but we see through your bull crap. 🙂

So if you want us to post, we can. But we’re way more interested in strategies that we think will be more successful for your company!

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