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In large part due to platforms like Vine, TikTok and SnapChat, the attention of an average consumer continues to drop and drop. Having people come to your website and expecting them to read through a page of text on your website is fairly unlikely. Video creates a powerful opportunity to tell meaningful stories quickly.

Some of our video work:

Jade  Luxury Retreats

Luxury retreat company needed a video to showcase their event

East Idaho Aquarium

Aquarium needed video content to show how much fun they are!

Women in Focus

Local organization needed a video to show their group

Judo Fit Overview

Online workout program needs some visibility

Mrs. Powell’s Video

Local bakery wants to show off their sweet process

Elite Retreat Highlight

Prestigious chiropractic retreat needs to showcase the event

Brandi Teuscher Photography

Newborn photography wants to show her process

Cassia County Moto Rodeo

Video showing footage from 2019’s moto rodeo event.

Client Testimonial

Client testimonial video for local plumber

How We Do It

Strategy Development

Great video is so much more than cool cinematic shots slapped together over some cool music. Great results from video production requires great strategy. We want to know who your audience is and how we can cater the video to them.

Content Editing

Video editing is a key component of the production process. Great strategy and great video production can mean absolutely nothing if editing is done poorly.

Video Production

Strategy is our #1 strength and priority but the technical execution has to be there. We have the talent, equipment and experience to make great videos become reality. We do great work and create great end products.

Promotion Strategy

Incredible videos don't do anyone much good if they are never seen! Vulpine is known for our solid digital marketing strategy. After we create these videos, let's get them in front of meaningful audiences!

Vulpine Advantages

Why choose Vulpine for your video project

Awesome Content

We do great work and make sweet videos. It's just what we do *shrugs* If you're into that kind of thing, then we should definitely work together.

Unique Approaches

We do our best to break out of the typical local business video mold. We believe in doing things different and by different we mean, significantly better!

High Quality Production

Local business commercials are notoriously low quality. It's our mission to bring high quality, actually interesting videos to local businesses!


Our goal is to get you remembered when people need your services. Everything we do supports this goal. From storyboarding, scripting, production and promotion.

Reach & Amplification

Great video in tandem with social media marketing is an effective digital 1, 2 punch! Vulpine's goal isn't just to make great videos, it's to help make you money!

Great Results

Successful video work is often built around helping you build your brand. We've helped several businesses dramatically increase their branded searches!

Video FAQS

Common questions about our video process

Why should I consider using video over other digital marketing efforts?

Video marketing is a powerful method in the following ways:

  • Storytelling – People love stories. Stories make things more memorable and provide potential consumers to form an emotional connection with your brand. Video happens to be one of the most effective ways to tell stories!
  • No Reading Necessary – Let’s face it, so many people just absolutely hate reading! Video gives you the chance to communicate a lot of information quickly.
  • Eye-Catching – Moving things catch our attention more easily than stationary images or text. Video content in social feeds can really help set you apart!
  • Appear Higher Quality – People love video content, it’s Hollywood, baby! Not everyone has the resources to invest in video production so having a high-quality video can make your company appear of higher quality than your competition.

Do you think a video can help market my business?

We pride ourselves on developing successful strategies and as such it’s our goal to sit down with you and create the best game plans for your business. Video may or may not play a role in that after we’ve had a discovery session.  Let’s chat and from there we can decide that a video may play an important role in accomplishing your business objectives, then let’s do it!

Is Vulpine the best video production agency in Idaho?

No. There are other companies with way larger production staff and better equipment. People who have partnered with Vulpine for their video projects love working with us because of the full-spectrum of digital marketing services we offer. We are much a digital marketing agency that creates awesome video content as a means to deliver and execute great strategies. We are great at selling and understanding what motivates different audiences to action. That is our greatest strength and what makes Vulpine a fantastic video production partner. 

But, if your #1 priority is only production quality, we can point you to some companies that may be better able to deliver in that regard. 

Why should I choose Vulpine for my video project?

Digital marketing vision. We thoroughly believe that we can create more successful video promotion strategies to help build your brand with the absolute best of them out there. There are some other good video production companies out there but we are incredible video marketers.

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