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What you do as a mental health therapist is so important. The world has always needed people who do what you do but today they need it even more. One of the issues is that large companies and directories often are the most easily found. So the best counselors are sometimes not found because their marketing efforts simply can't compete. Here at Vulpine Marketing, we are one of the best marketing companies a therapist can have in their corners!

How We Do It

Keyword Strategy

In order for great things to happen, we have to have a great strategy in place! We are some of the best at finding those unique opportunities to help you win!

Build Authority

Counseling is an easier industry to have you perform in Google and other search engines than others. We can help you build up your website's authority in Google's eyes and gain the visibility you need!

Write Content

After identifying our targets, the first step is to create a well-written page on that particular topic. Our team has written about a number of topics and industries.

Measure & Adapt

Great marketing comes in making great decisions and understanding where you can make better ones. Something we pride ourselves on is our ability to consider our efforts, reevaluate and move forward in better directions.

Vulpine Advantages

Why choose Vulpine over other counseling marketing companies


Our clients are genuinely very important to us and it shows. The way we communicate and care for our clients reflects a huge amount of emotional investment.

Great Collaboration

We work closely with our clients to develop unique and powerful strategies. We consider ourselves a team with you. That relationship shapes everything we do in our marketing.

Proven Processes

We have competed in some of the most cut-throat of industries and markets. Even in these tight places we have delivered incredible results. We feel confident in our ability to do the same for you.

Clever Strategies

Our insistence on finding clever opportunities is something that sets us apart from any other company you could possibly work with.

Transparent Tactics

No secret sauce or mystery marketing fees here. You deserve to know what we are doing and why. Our reporting is incredibly thorough and transparent. It's something that is so important to us.

Incredible Results

Our investment in our clients drives us daily to do great work to help you grow your practice. We want to bring great clients to you so that you can help them improve their lives. We are invested in the mission of helping people.

Counselor Marketing FAQs

Common Marketing Questions

Is SEO the best strategy for me?

There are so many different strategies that we can implement to help you grow your practice. We honestly feel that SEO or search engine optimization for counselors is easily one of the best and often overlooked opportunities to help you gain more clients for your therapy practice.

There are also many circumstances and markets that this may not be the best strategy. In those cases, social media and video production can be incredible to help you build your brand!

Are Your Marketing Services Expensive?

Not all marketing companies and marketing services are created equally. Not every company has the same level of  expertise. Naturally the services that provide more value are often priced higher. We will absolutely be more expensive than some of the dollar store marketing companies out there. We do, however, feel we provide plenty of value to justify the investment. 

How Much Experience Do You Have Growing Counseling Centers?

We have helped several counselors and therapists substantially grow their practices. Our clients have seen great results as part of a partnership with Vulpine Marketing. Our experience in significantly more competitive industries gives us a huge advantage over other marketing options out there.

How long does it generally take to see results from SEO?

It really varies depending on your industry and local market. There have been a number of times our clients have felt a noticeable increase in customer inquiries within a few months. However, if you are in a more competitive industry or local market, it may take longer to close the gap between your web presence and that of your competition’s.

Generally, our clients start seeing results after about 6 months of becoming a Vulpine partner. Luckily, we do offer extremely transparent reporting and frequent communication. You’ll be in the loop the entire time as we return and report wins, losses and everything in between.

What makes Vulpine's strategies different than other agencies SEO offering?

Our strategies are more effective because they are all custom-tailored to your needs and level of competition. We’ve worked with client spending over $15,000 a month. Not every market and industry will require that kind of an investment. We wouldn’t even recommend a budget like that unless your objectives absolutely justified it. We really do our research and don’t just offer arbitrary SEO packages that may or may not actually help you. 

Are you the cheapest SEO agency in Idaho Falls?

Absolutely and unapologetically not. Actually effective and thoughtfully created SEO strategies are rare. Not many other agencies are equipped or experienced enough to deliver the level of results that we do. Access to our expertise is an investment but one well worth making. 

I know my competition is outspending me by far, is it still worth investing in SEO?

It can be. If we can’t outspend the competition that does naturally provide some unique challenges for your campaign. But that doesn’t mean it’s not possible. We truly feel the tactics we utilize for our clients can be more effective than other digital marketing agencies out there. We have seen on a number of occasions being able to edge out local market Goliaths by simply using better methods. In other instances, we have been able to find less competitive but still lucrative opportunities to be positioned where your competition isn’t. Success can be found simply by outfoxing everyone else.

Will I know what you are doing for me?

Yes. We pride ourselves in providing incredibly transparent service. We believe in being partners and so being actively involved and openly communicative is an important part of a partnership. Every month we report on our efforts and make a full accounting of your investment. We will also present our plan for the next month and give you a chance to give us feedback.

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