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We're Vulpine, an Idaho Falls-based digital marketing agency. We help small businesses grow by creating incredible websites, building memorable brands and improving Google visibility. Vulpine offers responsive communication, transparent reporting and effective marketing strategies. If you're into those kinds of things, then we should be friends.  : )

Better Strategies

All of our marketing strategies have clear objectives. We set those with our clients, develop strategies and then execute. It's just what we do.

Better Tactics

We know what it takes to compete even in some of the most competitive markets and industries. We know what works and what doesn't.

Better Results

Our only real objective is to help you grow your business. Site visitors, impressions and reach are important but we know you'd prefer revenue.

Our Services

Web Design

We make beautiful websites to help you stand out against your competition.


Having a great website is awesome but it won't do you much good if no one sees it.

Social Media

People spend hours a day using social media. Let's put your business where eyes are looking, in their social feeds.

Video Production

People love stories and there isn't a better way to tell yours than with video.


Hear what others have to say

Made it Happen!

Ryan is fantastic! He was able to breakdown what my business needed to improve on and made it happen! He turned up the SEO on my business and made it one of the leading searches in my area. He treated my business like his own...

Brandi T.


Fully Engaged

I have worked directly as a client with Ryan Joos, the owner, for almost five years. In that time, he was fully engaged to make our business a success, trusted with my budget and responsive to a fault. Everything you would want in a partner to drive business to your company. As well, his technical and personal skills are outstanding. Simply a great guy.

Stevin G.


Always Delivers

Joos is the real deal. I've relied on him many times for SEO guidance and he always delivers. When I was unable to rank, I reached out to him for a consultation and he sent a detailed video explanation back of everything we could do to improve. Many of the items were Google My Business related. Once this was implemented, the results were incredible!

Chelsea C.


Marketing FAQs

Common digital marketing questions we hear

What makes you different than other Idaho Falls marketing companies?

We believe some of the things that set us apart from other marketing companies are as follows:

  • Experience in extremely competitive industries – We have experience in some of the most competitive markets and industries in America. Our background is in serving law firms all across the United States and Canada. If we can help businesses grow in those industries, then we can certainly help you in yours.
  • Open, transparent and frequent reporting – We believe in being 100% accountable for what we are doing. We don’t believe in just taking local businesses’ money and then just ask them to hope good things come from that investment. Vulpine creates a game plan to help you get greater visibility in your market, talks with you about that strategy, executes and then reports. No digital marketing secret sauce, you know what’s happening and why we plan on doing it. You will also know if it actually worked! If it didn’t, you’ll know what the revised game plan in. This commitment to openness and transparency sets Vulpine apart from so many digital marketing agencies in the world not just ones that are around Idaho Falls.

Do you make websites?

We do! In fact, web design is one of our main services we provide for small businesses.

What types of companies do you work with?

Good ones. 🙂 But seriously, we prefer to partner with well run companies and organizations. That’s one of our only qualifications. We’ve helped a variety of different companies grow. We’ve worked with pest control companies, dentists, doctors, security system installers, trade show display manufacturers and even other digital marketing agencies.

Are you the cheapest marketing company in Idaho Falls?

No 🙂 We have years of experience getting incredible results for small to medium sized businesses all across the United States. Other agencies will place you in their various packages that seldom give you the custom strategy that you genuinely need to see success. Here at Vulpine, we take the time to assess your digital marketing status and offer solutions wherever you may need them. This level of customization and personal attention is never available at discounted rates. 

If price is your #1 motivating factor in your selection of a marketing agency, Vulpine is likely not the best solution for you. But we’re happy to point you in the right direction if you’re in the process of looking!

How much of a marketing budget do I need?

This really depends on a number of factors like where are you located, what type of industry are you in, what your local competition is like. We’ve worked with clients with budgets as small as $500/month and as large as $15,000/month. Give us a call and let’s chat. We’ll give you a budget recommendation that’s customized to your market and objective.

If I can only invest a small amount in my digital marketing is it even worth it?

Yes! It can be. We just need to find the right opportunities. Even investing a little now may have great payoffs later. It’s certainly better to start wherever you are than to never get started at all. Give us a call and let’s have a conversation. Even if your business isn’t in a stage where a Vulpine partnership makes sense, we really want to put you in the right direction and maybe even get you rolling on some things you can do yourself.

What marketing tactics are the most effective?

Deciding which strategies and tactics will be the most effective will depend heavily on what your objectives are. There are so many different strategies that we can use! Give us a call, let’s have a conversation and together we can figure out a great game plan.

What are Vulpine's marketing strengths?

We definitely specialize in digital marketing strategies. Creating websites and then helping those websites be found in Google searches is definitely our forte. However, we have plenty of experience with social media marketing and paid advertising as well.

I am trying to educate consumers about my product or service, is there a marketing strategy you'd recommend?

I’d probably need more information to give you the best marketing direction, let’s chat in more detail at some point. However, without more information, I can say that statistically speaking people prefer to learn about new products in video format. The best way to get those videos in front of people is often through Social Media Marketing Ads. We can help you get your videos and message to the right audiences based on their interests, age, gender and so many other factors. It truly is an incredible method. 

I want my company to be in front of consumers right when they are searching, is there a marketing strategy Vulpine recommends to make this happen?

Great question. Our go-to marketing strategy for getting in front of searchers is SEO. SEO or search engine optimization isn’t an overnight or easy process. It’s a strategy built for the strategic and the patient. If you need to get in front of people sooner and want to be at the absolute top of search results, paid advertising on Google or Bing may be better options.

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