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Meet the faces behind Vulpine Marketing.


Ryan Joos

Owner of Vulpine Marketing

Ryan Joos is a Demogorgon trainer and the founder and owner of Vulpine Marketing. He lives in a house that he gained by the grace of God as a recent business owner. His mother-in-law's basement is glad he is gone. His family knows that he did in fact have hair on his head in the past. They fill their days with Mario kart parties and charcuterie boards. As a business owner, Ryan is kind and easy to get along with. but his biggest fear is...

Lisa Joos

Chief Financial Officer and Co-Owner of Vulpine Marketing

Lisa graduated from BYU-Idaho in 2013 with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and a Minor in Business and Dance. Since then she has worked in tax and financial accounting for small businesses in Idaho. After she became a mom, she focused more on her own tax business as well as her own e-commerce businesses. Lisa has navigated how to work from home to spend as much time as possible with her family. Now she is CFO for Vulpine Marketing and is passionate about keeping parents, specifically mothers, working from home or wherever there is internet. Lisa enjoys traveling for work with her family and will visit St. George for a couple weeks at a time. It’s best if you don’t start a conversation with Lisa about the best Spider-Man actor.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Jenna Holland

Search Engine Optimization Director

Jenna is the SEO Director at Vulpine. She made the transition from healthcare to digital marketing during the pandemic and hasn’t looked back since! Jenna grew up in Blackfoot, Idaho and later graduated from BYU-Idaho with a Bachelor’s of Science degree. Now, she loves being the google expert and watching clients move up the ladder to be better placed and found in search results.

She currently lives in Ucon, but she and her husband are building a home in Pingree, Idaho. She and Scott welcomed their first baby boy, Revan, in August of 2021. When she is not busy with our SEO department you can often find her enjoying the sunshine in St. George. Her hobbies include: Camping, RZR riding, making homemade rolls, fueling her veins with diet coke, and reading. Jenna’s special talents include: crying when she laughs and sleeping through movies.

Krista Pulsifer

Search Engine Optimization Specialist

Krista Pulsifer works for our SEO department. She helps our clients to get found easier in Google by writing articles that will direct you to their websites. She works from her home in American Fork, Utah. Krista went to school at BYU-Idaho and graduated in 2016. After graduation she became a middle school Art teacher in Sandy, Utah for several years, where she met her husband, who was also a new teacher at the school. She currently loves being a new mother to her daughter who was born in August of 2021 after a long process with IVF. She loves the beach and anything summer related.

Shaylee Holley

Search Engine Optimization Specialist

Shaylee Jo Holley was born and raised in Rexburg, Idaho. She grew up riding horses, doing gymnastics, camping, enjoying the outdoors, and cheerleading through high school. She loves being with her family. Her siblings are her best friends. She has 5 siblings and each of them are married, and all together, they have almost 17 kids. So when they get together it is very chaotic, but so much fun!

She loves playing games, having deep and meaningful conversations, hanging out with her kids, watching movies, and getting together with family for anything and everything and sometimes no reason at all. She loves learning about why we are the way we are and the different personality types. It is fascinating to her. In the past, she has enjoyed refinishing furniture, interior design, coaching gymnastics and cheerleading, snowboarding, and working out at the gym. Having 4 kids makes it a little difficult to keep up with her hobbies and interests but she does what she can as life goes on. Her kids are Ecko (9), Leland (7), Chesney (3), and Onyx (6 months).

She enjoys intellectual conversations with her kids and helping them learn and grow. Their minds are much more mature than she sometimes give them credit for; and she believes they also enjoy their conversations while continuing to grow and have questions. She loves seeing her kids thrive. They do well in school and in their after-school activities. Leland is very advanced in his Piano lessons and enjoys his Karate and Gymnastics classes. Ecko is a great singer and is a joy to watch perform as she's learning to blossom! Chesney is a firecracker and loves her dance class and has all the sass! Onyx is now learning to roll and eats all of his toys. Her kids are her everything!

When she does get a moment to herself, she loves listening to self-help books, watching TV shows and just enjoying peace and quiet when they're all in bed.

Cadee Adair

Search Engine Optimization Specialist

Cadee is a SEO Manager at Vulpine Marketing. She loves to help clients develop strategies that will help them get found on Google. Cadee is originally from Idaho Falls and graduated from Brigham Young University- Idaho with a Bachelor’s Degree in marketing. In her free time, you will find her spending time outdoors with her husband, playing basketball, or drinking Diet Coke.

Kendall Bolingbroke

Search Engine Optimization Specialist

Kendall works for Vulpine Marketing as a SEO specialist. She lives in Iona, Idaho with her husband, Adam, and her two kids. She grew up in Pasco, Washington and went to BYU-Idaho where she earned a bachelors in Healthcare Administration. Kendall loves being able to interact with others and seeing the progress of client accounts that she gets to work on at Vulpine Marketing. When Kendall is not working, you will find her spending most of her time with her kids, Easton and Lyla. Some of her interests include working out, snowboarding, and being outdoors. Summer is her favorite season and she loves a sweet treat. And she always has a travel bug!

Marissa Vail

Search Engine Optimization Specialist

Marissa is so excited to be a part of the Vulpine Marketing team! She is part of the SEO team and loves being involved with the process of helping clients be found on Google. She currently works remotely and lives in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma with her husband, Isaac, and their four little children; Lukas, Katara, Annika, and Hudson. Life is wild but she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Marissa and Isaac graduated from BYU-Idaho in April 2021. Marissa earned a Bachelor's degree in Sociology and a minor in Child Development and Isaac earned his Bachelor’s degree in Welding Engineering and a minor in Russian. They live in Oklahoma for Isaac’s job working for the welding company Lincoln Electric. Their goal is to move back to Idaho, one day, and be around family and the great Vulpine team again!

Design & Development

Taylor Sweeten

Web Design & Development

Taylor is a Web Designer and Developer at Vulpine Marketing. She loves creating beautiful websites, working with wonderful clients and bringing their vision to life, all from the comfort of her home.

Taylor grew up in Alberta, Canada and moved to Rexburg to attend University. She graduated with a Bachelors in Web Design and Development from BYU-Idaho in 2018 and has been working in the Web Design space ever since. Taylor did freelance Web Design for 2 years before joining Vulpine Marketing and loves being a part of a wonderful team.

Taylor and her husband Titan have 2 active boys ages 4 and 2. She and her family love Idaho, especially spending time outside during the beautiful Idaho summers. Taylor loves to stay busy taking care of her boys, growing a garden and designing websites.

Steffany Faldmo

Web Design & Development

Steffany is a Web Designer and Developer at Vulpine Marketing. Steffany lives in Idaho with her husband and two daughters. She has been a professional web designer since 2015, and in 2016 earned her bachelor's degree in Web Design and Development. Using her love for creativity and many skills, she is able to serve businesses big and small providing various online services, especially website design. When she's not working she enjoys the outdoors, traveling, and spending any time with her family.

Madison Ronneburg

Graphic Design

Madison is a BFA graduate from BYU-Idaho, where she honed her skills in graphic design and speed coloring. Madison thrives on the challenge of creating designs that not only grab your attention but also tell a captivating story. When she's not cramming in late-night design sessions, she's busy inventing silly games, hosting wild dance parties, and binge-watching the Aussie animated show Bluey with her kids. Madison also enjoys playing soccer, solving escape rooms with her husband, and binge-watching the Aussie animated show Bluey without her kids.

Paid Media

Nate Hartman

Director of Paid Media and Strategy

Nate is the Director of Paid Media and Strategy at Vulpine Marketing. Nate obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from BYU-Idaho before getting his Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership from Colorado State. Nate has many years of successful experience managing Digital Marketing campaigns for lead generation and e-commerce businesses across Google, Facebook and Instagram.
Outside of digital marketing, Nate is a basketball coach. He’s coached high school basketball for 6 years and helped multiple players receive scholarships to play in college. Nate has done consulting work alongside an NBA Player Development Coach, is a part of a coach’s mentorship program and runs his own coaching website. He loves to golf, read and practice visualization. The most important part of Nate’s life is his wife, Shayla, and two daughters, Blaiklee and Laikyn.

Stephanie Hanson

Paid Media Director

Stephanie Hanson is an internet marketer in Iowa. Her experience includes working with companies, large and small, on PayPerClick advertising, website optimization, traditional and online marketing, public relations, and social media. In her free time she enjoys roller skating and spending time with family.

Ashley Bryant

Social Media Marketing Manager

I have always loved anything to do with photos, editing, design, and making things beautiful. I made the transition from stay at home mom to marketing and have loved every single minute of it. I love helping amazing businesses market through social media and show off all of the awesome things they are doing. I currently live in Utah with my husband, three kids, and the cutest goldendoodle. When I'm not busy being a mom and doing marketing, I love camping, hiking, trying to learn guitar, redesigning our house for the hundredth time, and spending quality time with my family.

Amber Fugal

Video Specialist

Amber is the Video Specialist for Vulpine Marketing. She enjoys capturing fun moments and making clients look good! Amber grew up in Idaho Falls Idaho and got a bachelor's degree in video production at BYU-Idaho. She met her husband on a film set where they became fast friends. They continue to work together and make creativity a part of their daily routine. In her free time, Amber can be found working on many different crafts including miniature painting and cross-stitching, or working on her musical talents such as bass guitar, singing, and ukulele. Amber has a passion for achieving her best, and when she gets a new idea for something she can't rest until she starts it.
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