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Logos and other brand identity assets create first impressions. Nothing can turn off would be clients or customers than having a terrible looking logo. We can help your business create better first impressions.

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Our Logo Design Process

Audience Research

The first step to successful logo creation is understanding the target audience. The way we design changes pretty dramatically based on the chosen demographic.

Design Brief

Once we truly understand your target market, we create a design brief that outlines your audience, your objectives, your brand messaging and anything else that's important. Then we send these off to our design team to get to work!

Sketch & Design

We partner with some of the best designers. We send off our creative brief and allow every design team the chance to come up with what they believe is the best solution for your business' logo. This approach gives you multiple incredible options.

Select & Revise

After the initial designs are submitted we give feedback to our design team to incorporate into their proposed logo designs. Once they have worked through the process, you will then have the chance to select from multiple incredible logo options.

Our Logo Design Advantages

Why choose Vulpine as your logo design company

Targeted Design

We keep in mind who your audience truly is during the entire project. This helps shape every aspect of the design.

End-goal Oriented

We don't just make cool designs. That's great and all but the end result is to help you generate revenue. Our logos and the entire process is to help do just that.

Multiple Perspectives

We don't just have 1 designer at our company. We partner with multiple design teams which means you get more perspectives into your project. This results in stronger logo options with a variety of differing design strategies.

Stronger Processes

Our creative brief process is significantly stronger and more thorough than many other digital marketing agencies. As a result, our creative work produces better and more effective brands.

Experienced Designers

Our designers didn't just graduate with an associates degree from your local college last semester. We partner with seasoned and proven brand identity developers to create incredible design work for our clients.

Unique Logos

If you work with another digital marketing company with a smaller creative team, it's easy to walk away with a logo that has a very similar look and feel to all of their other work. Our logos are unique and distinct.

Logo Design FAQS

Common questions we hear

Why should I have Vulpine go my logo design?

We are unapologetic design nerds. Design work isn’t just something we do, it’s one of our strong passions. That passion and love shines through the work that we do. Vulpine also has an incredibly strong design process which leads to better end results. 

Are your logos expensive?

We’re confident you can find cheaper Idaho Falls logo designers. If having it be inexpensive is the #1 priority, there is always Fiverr and other options that can lead to absolute garbage end results. However, they will be very affordable. 

Keep this in mind though, nothing can cost you more than cheap branding.

What's your creative process like?

Our creative process looks something like the following:

  • In-person or video meetings with our creative director – It’s extremely important to us to absolutely nail down who this logo is supposed to appeal to. This is crucial because the way we design for a predominately male audience compared to a female audience as an example is extremely different. If a company was to create a sleek, cutting-edge, modern logo for a company that targets older, more conservative market segments may prove extremely ineffective.
  • Color palette selection – Color is an important element in design that shouldn’t be overlooked. We don’t just select colors because they are your favorite color. It’s important that there is some intentional process behind your color choices.
  • Pinterest board or creative inspiration compilation – Chances are good that there is very successful work that has been done in a similar project. We want to gain a better understanding for what has been done so we can implement what works and reject what doesn’t. This also gives us a chance to show a compilation of designs that have been created and make 100% sure we are on the right path to creating an effective logo that you as a client will love.
  • Creative brief creation – Compiling all of the information we have at our disposal is an important part of strong design. We assemble all of this information and then send it off to our designers. The power and impact of a design often relies heavily on valuable creative briefs.
  • Initial design round – We send out our creative briefs and other assets to our multiple design partners. After about a week, we will have access to multiple great draft options. From there we can select the successful design options and move to the next phase.
  • Revisions and feedback implementation phase – It is extremely rare that logo designs will be great straight out of the gate. There will always be a need to feedback and revisions.
  • Design concept selection – After a lot of consideration and revisions, we select the strongest concept.
  • Final revisions – Even once we have the final idea we want to run with, there is room and opportunity to see multiple variations of the same design. Moving different elements around, tweaking colors and experimenting with different typefaces may all be aspects of this phase.
  • File release – We have found a clear winner, we send it over to you in multiple file formats for you to use as you please. Congrats you have a beautiful logo!

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